☆Katakana one point lesson


☆How to Read and write ' Katakana' This is part of audio visual CD.It is not conected 'Tanoshii Nihongo Junbitaiso' Home page.



★ Katakana One point lesson part 2

☆ Katakana practice sheet

Katakana prctice sheet
Practice Katakana writing usig this sheet.
Katakana practice sheet.pdf
PDFファイル 104.6 KB

*Expected word in Katakana test 2014

Katakana expected questions
Katakana test is composed by multiple choice and fill-in the blanks question.
expected Katakana.doc
Microsoft Word 51.5 KB
Katakana PracticeJan 17,
Katakana writing practice.
Katakana practice Jan18.docx
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katakana practice Jan 13
Katakana multiple quiz. Ganbatte kudasai!
Katakanapractice yontaku.htm.html
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After choose all answer, push (採点), you will see your result. If score button does not work click left button(正誤). If answer correct, you will see ○正解○, if incorrect you will see ×ちがうよ× がんばってね。

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