★ Happy New Year/ 謹賀新年


今年は午年。うまのごとく迅速に前へ進め。新年は始まったばかりだが、油断していると’光陰午のごとく過ぎる’だろう!!ガンジーの名言のごとく1日1日を大事にしたい。                                        ‘明日死ぬつもりで生きよ、一生生きるつもりで学べ。              元気が出るサウンド付アニメはここから

Happy New Year! This is the Year of the Horse, one of Asian zodiac. Keep going forward rapidly. New Year starts just now today and will flies like horse! ’Live as you were to die tomorrow learn as if you were to live forever.’ As Mahatma Gandhi said. 

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