☆ Jamaica JET AA AGM

Jamaica JET AA Anual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Courtleigh Hotel on March 23, Jamaica JET AA, Association of Jamaican Monbukagakusho Scholars( AJMS) and representative UWI and UTEHC Japanese Club reported Japanese cultural activity. JET AA reelected executive member. Former president Shawn Aarons gave way his

position to vice president, Sheril Morgan.We truly appreciate your long term of service to JET AA. We will miss your leadership.

JET AAの年総会がコートレイホテルで開かれた。JETAA,文部省留学帰国生、UWI,UTECHの日本語倶楽部の学生達がそれぞれ日本の文化的活動報告を行った。JET AAの役員改選が行われ、議長だったショーンアーロンが副議長のシェリル・モーガンに席を譲った。ショーンさん長い間ありがとう。

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