Peacful day

 We have been looking for Mr.Kevin Richards who live in epicenter in Japan with his wife and kids, with Jamaican embassy and friends. I got info they are safe from Jamaican embassy and face book briends few days ago. I never met him before but when I got mail from him directly today I feel they are my dear friends since 10 years ago. Glad to hear you. Hope you don't suffer so much. Thank you for contact me. Also I saw on TV that Jr.High school chorus in the disaster area,could not participated chorus tornament by this disaster,sang songs for the suffers in the shelter to encourage them.' To live as well as we can is wonderful. Let us believe hope as long as the tomorrow is comming ' Theier voice was an angele.

先週、ジャマイカ大使館や友だちとともに探していたKevin Richards本人から無事との報告メールをもらった。彼とは面識がなかったが、10年来の友だちのような気がした。大使館から無事との報告は受けていたが、彼からの連絡はとても嬉しく思った。



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