Big earthquake attacked Northern Japan

Most powerful earthwuake, Mag 9.0 and Tsunami hit and destryed northern Japan. Fortunetely My famaily,my students and scholarship students are safe but cannot reach some of JET members live near epicenter yet. Hope they are all safe and get back normal life.



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    Tomoko Uemura (土曜日, 12 3月 2011 13:12)

    Share infomation with us about Jamaican JET and scholarship students in Japan, especialy live in epicenter.
    Contact: Embassy of Jamaica in Japan
    Embassy of Japan in Jamaica

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    Tomoko Uemura (土曜日, 12 3月 2011 13:23)

    Embassy of Jamaica in Japan:

    Embassy of Japan in Jamaica:

    Tomoko Uemura

    Keep safe!

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    Tomoko Uemura (土曜日, 12 3月 2011 22:09)

    Meteorogical agency revised Mag8.8 to Mag9.0 of this earth quake. Unbelievable number....

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