☆Hiragana flash

How to read and write 'Hiragana' is now up loaded. This is part of audio visual CD' Enjoyable Japanese warm up' Hiragana practice is first step for Japanese Students.  → Hiragana Flash

ひらがな書き順アップしました。これは視聴覚教材(たのしい日本語じゅんびたいそう)からひらがなサブジェクトを抜粋したものなので、ホームにはリンクしていません。ひらがなは学習者が一番初めに勉強します。→ ひらがなフラッシュ


☆Do you need assistance?

Translation for English to Japanese and Japanese English are available.→ Here









It's better to studay 10minutes everyday than to studay one hour once a week!! Continuous is Key to improve language.

Your language skill will make progress by not as 'how long' study but as 'how to study'