Innovation in Japan the experience of three Jamaicans

There was presentation by AJMS, Association of Jamaican Monbukagakusho Scholars and the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica on this Thursday at UTECH. 3 Jamaicans, Mr.Richard Gordon, Dr.Louis-Ray Harris and Mr.Braian Case shared the details of their experience and research in Japan. This high level presentation was prpfessional,technical and academic. They made me proud of them. It is great hornor to teach Japanese.

AJMS web site:


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    Tomoko Uemura (日曜日, 14 11月 2010 12:46)

    @ Brian: Take phot from this page before convert flash movie soon.

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    Keiko Yasuda (月曜日, 15 11月 2010 21:09)

    「Dr. Harris!!! Sapporo, snow and we miss you! Tomoko sensei, you can send him back to us anytime:-)」

    「When I saw this picture earlier from my iPhone, I coudn't see what he was lecturing about but now I found "Holkaido University" on the screen. Big up Dr. Harris. Hokkaido loves you! You are an example for all the youth in Jamaica!」
    This message is from face book

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    Louis (水曜日, 17 11月 2010 09:37)

    Thanks for your email and for posting the pictures.

    Keiko-san, genki? When preparing for the presentation I saw some pictures of you and Miyo-san at Odori and at Hokudai-sai. There were many pictures that I wish I could have shown but didn't have enough time.
    Looking forward to visiting Sapporo again though, though we don't know how soon that will be).

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    Tomoko Uemura (水曜日, 17 11月 2010 12:59)

    Thanks for comment.Keiko asked me to send you back to Hokkaido but Country of Jamaica never let you now.
    Jamaica neeeeed you.
    You are 'Hero' of Sapporo, for real.

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    Centrifugal Juicer (日曜日, 14 4月 2013 11:35)

    This is a great article! Thank you for sharing with us!

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