☆Happy New Year/ 謹賀新年 Monkey Smile 2016

Happy New Year

Much Peace, Love and Joy to you all in 2016! Click picture to see Monkey smile.




★ Merry Christmas 2015 Come together

May peace, happiness and prosperity be yours during this Holiday and the New Year. Here is Christmas 2015 animation.Enjoy!!


♡ Happy Mother's Day 2015

I’m getting old but still your baby and that’s most precious to me.

Thank you mother, love you always.     Click pic or HERE to see tiny anime.

私も年をとったけど、それでもお母さんの子供! それが何よりの宝物。いつまでも長生きしてね。だいすきだよおかあさん。アニメはこちらから。

★ New Year Wishes 2015

Much Peace, Love and Joy to you all in 2015!

Click anime or HERE to see

New Year's Wishes 2015




★ Merry Christmas 2014 Happy Snowman

Early Christmas Greeting

'With all good wishes for Christmas and New Year.'

Regular Santa and reindeer make lonely snowman happy at Christmas eve

Animation is HERE


☆Happy Mother's Day


To give flower and card to mother for mother’s day is my best wish more than anything Hope this day will be coming again and again.


★ New Year 2014/ Keep going forward

A Happy New Year... again

This is the Year of the Horse, one of Asian zodiac. Keep going forward rapidly. New Year starts just now today and will flies like horse! ’Live as you were to die tomorrow learn as if you were to live forever.’ As Mahatma Gandhi said. Click animation or link to see with sound that give you motivation! Here




★The tiny train for Christmas


May Christmas sprits bring you peace and love! Joy and hope for the New Year 2014. Animation



Greeting and Game

☆ Happy Mother's day

Mother is part of our strength. Mother is part of winning. Mother is our teacher and healer makes us happy taking away our tears. Mother is a part of God. How can I thank for what she has done to me? I cannot find word to express for thanks but ’ありがとう、おかあさん’ from my heart. Happy mother’s day! Love you always. Mother's day animation


☆New Year Brief

Happy New Year!

This is the Year of the Serpent, one of Asian zodiac. Act flexibly and cleverly! New Year is starting just now today. Be careful, time is flies and next year’s eve will come soon again. New Year Brief Animation


光陰矢の如し… お正月小話アニメ2013

☆Tiny Christmas Story 2012

With Best Wishes

for Christmas and the New Year

 Hope your all have wonderful and warm  Christmas. May 2013 will be a happy and prosperous year for you all. Click picture for animation.


Tiniy Tiny Christmas Story

☆ New Year's story 2011

New year's rabbit story
New year's rabbit story

☆New Year's stories 2011

 All the best for 2011. This is the Year of the Rabbit (Hare) and last year was Tiger in Japanese (Chinese origin) astrology. Here are 3 mini stories  which have something to do with it.Click Rabbit to see stories. 






☆ X'mas mini game 2010

X'mas 2010
X'mas 2010

☆Christmas mini game 2010

Selecting panel in each screen and reach Christmas message.

Click Christmas Tree.

☆Do you need assistance?

Translation for English to Japanese and Japanese English are available.→ Here









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